Foster to Furever

Foster to “Furever”

Biggie Paws Rescue is a volunteer based rescue. Each month, we rely on our amazing foster volunteers to save lives. The more fosters we have, the more lives we can save. Our fosters are directly impacting the lives of deserving animals in a truly positive way. Every dog we place on a transport helps make space for the next dog in need of help, and offers a rewarding experience for both the foster and the dog. Fostering is a win-win for everyone involved.

The majority of our dogs are transported to Wisconsin from southern states, mainly Texas. Every month we receive pleas for help from our rescue partners as our southern partners are overcrowded with animals. When shelters become full, dogs are scheduled for euthanasia and many only have hours before their time is up. . The streets are also  filled with dogs that are dumped by irresponsible owners who deem them worthless. Many of these dogs are family pets, puppies, and lost souls that deserve a better life. 

Our fosters provide the dogs off transport  a safe place to sleep and a lot of love. We supply high quality food, toys, treats, beds, meds, and anything the pup may need during their stay in foster care. Giving these pups the best chance of adoption is our top priority. There is no greater reward than seeing your foster several months after adoption, happy, healthy, and living their best life in their “furever” home. 

PERHAPS you are a person who would love to have a dog but you also like to travel a lot. Maybe you have been thinking about adopting a dog, but you aren’t sure if you want a 10-20 year commitment. There are many reasons why our volunteers love to foster. The most frequent objection we hear is that it would be too hard to give up the dog. Sometimes it’s hard, sometimes we cry, and sometimes we fail and adopt our fosters. Seeing them die, hurt, and  left unwanted in a shelter is a million times worse. There is a common phrase, “Saving a dog may not change the world, but it will change the world for that one dog.” No truer words could be spoken in dog rescue. You can make a difference. You are strong enough. You can leave the world better than you found it. 

Most dogs are placed with a foster for a period of 2-3 weeks. The rescue will publish the dogs on social media, adoption sites, and on our website. Sharing your foster dog with your network on social media, attending adoption events, and promoting your pup are the best ways to get them adopted quickly. Any smartphone can become your greatest tool. Posting cute pictures of your pup will get them noticed and in rescue….a picture truly is worth a thousand words!!

Each month we post pictures of the actual dogs who are looking for a ride up north. We take every precaution to ensure our dogs are healthy when they are placed on a transport and allow you to tag the dog of your choice. We have puppies, mothers with litters, young and senior dogs. All looking for that special someone to help them get on a transport and off to a better life! You can foster as little or as often as you like!  We really try our best to plan transports in advance so that you can schedule your calendar accordingly. 

The first few days after transport are spent allowing your pup to decompress while getting to know their personality. You will learn their quirks and work on some basic training in preparation for their new home. Once you have had a chance to get to know your pup, you will document the details of your pup for our bio writers (format will be provided). Our writers will get the dog posted when their quarantine period is over and start collecting applications from interested adopters. Our adoption coordinators will vet each applicant to ensure they are a qualified candidate. You will then receive the applications and choose the best fit for your foster dog. Always trust your gut instinct!!  In order to set your foster up for  lifetime success, you have to feel 100% confident that they have found their person. We are true believers that animals adopt their humans. You are your foster pup’s advocate and you decide when they have completed their journey from Foster to Furever. 

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